Challenging Modernism is a joint initiative of a2o, WDJA, Multiple, WIT and Koen Van Synghel. As architects, educators, and critics, we work daily with the relics of modernism. We think of it as a key challenge to conceive a sustainable future for buildings that have lost their initial functionality, and which need to respond to the challenges of our contemporary society.


a2o, WDJA, Multiple, WIT and Koen Van Synghel invite young architects and designers to join us in creating expertise in the reuse of modernist buildings and to push the boundaries of sustainable building design. We offer recent graduates insight into the modus operandi and material experience of the three architectural offices, and aim to produce fresh, new insights as the fruit of this co-creation process.

This summer, the workshop is held at the offices of Architecture Workroom Brussels, Boulevard Pacheco 34. Challenging Modernism is held here, amidst Brussels modernist office towers, to seek interaction with the ongoing project 'The Great Transformation'. The workshop coincides with the exposition on the project.