WDJArchitects specializes in the redevelopment and transformation of existing buildings, building complexes and redevelopment locations. We have recognised this as the building assignment of the future for over more than twenty years. Our portfolio contains many distinctive buildings, including a notable number of young heritage buildings. In addition to the economic interest, retaining buildings is also often a cultural and social choice. Through maintaining historical continuity, we understand where we come from. As a result, we understand the future better. Additionally, renewing something existing is a fascinating architectural challenge. The pleasing tension between old and new enthuses us. This interaction leads us to unique solutions, designed using a distinctive architectural palette. Extending the life of buildings also fundamentally contributes to sustainability. Limiting demolition waste and reducing the use of new raw materials contribute to CO2 reduction. Improving energy performance takes this to the next level. Making good use of urban structures and buildings that already exist is a first and crucial step towards a sustainable living environment – in every respect. In all our designs, the new use of the building is leading.