Luc Vanmuysen

(a2o) Luc Vanmuysen graduated in architecture from Sint Lucas in Brussels. He is co-founder at a2o. He is managing a team of 40 designers, contributing to national and international projects and research. Luc has lectured at several national and international congresses and has worked on several publications. He was founder of the architectural platform ‘ArchitectuurWijzer’ and is a regular critic in professional and academic jury’s, both in Brussels as in Flanders. His portfolio includes projects such as the Campus 44 project about adaptive reuse of the Plinth of the Belfius building, the PXL-MAD school of Arts in Hasselt, and the crematoria Stuifduin in Lommel and Schoonselhof in Antwerp. Currently he is working on several projects of adaptive reuse and urban renewal in the Brussels Capital Region.