Brecht Verstraete

After graduating at KU Leuven as Master in Engineering Sciences - Architecture in 2003, Brecht Verstraete joined the office of WIT architecten, currently based in Leuven (Belgium).  As a project architect at WIT architecten he lead the design of complex buildings form sketch phase to construction phase.  In 2014 he became a partner at WIT architecten.  He is currently working on the transformation of the city theatre in Kortrijk, the impact factory in Mechelen and the project Campus44 in Brussels (in collaboration with a2o).

From 2006 till present, Brecht Verstraete is teaching architectural design at KU Leuven, Faculty of Engineering Sciences - Architecture in Leuven, where he is currently teaching different studios in the first year of the Master programme, focussing on the aspect of ‘architecture in transformation’ and adaptive re-use.

In his work, Brecht Verstraete is very interested in exploring the use hand drawing as an expressive way of communicating design ideas.

Brecht Verstraete lives in Brussels since more than 20 years.